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The cryptocurrency market currently has a total capitalisation of over $350 billion and is set to grow exponentially in the coming years. There are now in excess of 10,000 different cryptocurrencies and tokens, all with their individual structures, objectives and niches. Navigating your way through this as a new investor can be daunting and there are many potential pitfalls.

We're here to help you make this process simple and safe.

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Altinco founder, Geoff Bradley

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Your tailored partnership

We understand every client has their own investment goals, timescales and success criteria. So whether you choose a buy and hold strategy or want to trade the market, your needs can be catered for and the flexibility to morph your choices over time is made simple.

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Investment and Trading

Understanding our clients’ investment objectives is crucial to our ability to recommend the solutions and services required to meet these objectives. Once we gain this understanding we then develop a comprehensive strategy to meet these objectives, whether that is by incorporating one of our established investment models or by creating a bespoke client centric model. Altinco has the ability to a create a solution for anyone looking to gain investment access to the cryptocurrency market.

At the core of the investment models is the concept of sovereignty. Unlike most other investment services in the cryptocurrency market, Altinco will never have access to or control over your funds at any stage, ensuring you retain complete autonomy over your investment at all times.

Market Education and Training

The crypto market is just over 10 years old and is still seen to be a mysterious world fraught with many hidden dangers and tales of woe. We demystify this unknown world for our clients and provide practical information to ensure they are comfortable with and confident about the fundamentals of the market.

Crypto and Cyber Security Best Practices

Ensuring the safe storage and access to important private keys/passwords in the crypto space is critical. We assist our clients by increasing their level of security awareness, providing best practices to ensure risks are mitigated as much as possible.

Investment via Pension Funds

A significant number of individuals are not even aware that they have the ability to gain exposure to crypto currencies and precious metal assets via their pension fund. A relatively simple process is all that is required to enable this and we can show you how.

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Security in your hands

Sovereignty over your assets is a fundamental principle behind crypto currency and Altinco enables our clients to achieve this by only recommending the best and most secure market leading solutions.

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Embracing technology

The cryptocurrency market is heavily reliant on technology to transact and track all activities. We constantly monitor the market for the latest and greatest technologies that provides our clients' with the ability to further simplify the management and protection of their portfolios.

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