Guiding your investment

For discerning investors, breaking into cryptocurrency investing requires a fresh approach. To give you the confidence that you need to embrace this alternative investment opportunity, you'd expect transparency and expertise in the most important area for concern - security.

Some background

Our Founder’s 20 year career as a professional in the internet/cyber security industry, stands him in good stead to understand the security threats and risks associated with the cryptocurrency market.

Geoff Bradley has been investing and trading in the crypto currency market for nearly 4 years (an eternity in crypto time) and has learnt an unbelievable amount during this time. He utilises this first-hand knowledge and experience to advise and guide clients to securely invest in this emerging market.

We’re experts in cyber security - in fact that’s our background and the reason for entering the cryptocurrency space. We want to offer you the peace of mind nobody else can.

A very personal service

Investment strategies are dependent on a number of personal factors including but not limited to capital available, risk appetite and time horizons. Whether the strategy is a "buy and hold" or to actively trade the market, Altinco provides the expertise to implement the solutions, services and processes to ensure the successful execution of that strategy.

Selecting a cryptocurrency investment partner just became simple - a proven security focussed cryptocurrency trading partner is your only logical choice.

Altinco founder, Geoff Bradley
"Excellent service. I couldn’t have done it without you”
- Gareth B

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